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Dealing with aches and pains? Here’s how Bergen Medical Associates can help

Dr. Nicole Brand 理疗学 Bergen Medical

Nicole Brand, M.D
理疗学, Sports Medicine

Nicole Brand, MD, 讨论了许多常见的原因和类型的骨科疼痛和治疗的范围,带来欢迎的缓解和促进愈合.

 Aches and pains are a common problem for many of us. 事实上, almost 60% of adults in America are living with back, 脖子, 手臂, hip or other orthopedic pain, 疾病控制和预防中心国家卫生统计中心最近的一份报告指出.

“好消息是,有许多微创治疗方法可以帮助控制疼痛, 恢复功能,让人们重新做他们喜欢的活动,” said Nicole Brand, MD, Bergen Medical Associates的委员会认证理疗师和介入性疼痛管理专家, which has six off冰s throughout Bergen County.

Dr. 布兰德讨论了她遇到的一些最常见的骨科疼痛类型, 除了一系列有效的治疗方法帮助患者摆脱痛苦,回到生活的游戏中,

  • Common Aches and Pains “One of the most common issues I treat is back pain, often the result of a patient overdoing an activity, bending over and straining their back, or sleeping in a funny position. 还有一些患者已经忍受了一段时间的慢性背痛,但最终还是去看了医生,因为疼痛变得越来越严重,” Dr. 品牌说. “我听到的其他常见抱怨包括髋关节疼痛和肩部疼痛, 这两者都会迅速损害我们进行日常生活活动的能力. Many patients also complain of knee pain 通常由老年患者的关节炎和年轻患者的运动相关损伤引起. 在一般情况下, 上述损伤有时可以通过物理治疗或其他方法解决, 而其他人可能需要核磁共振成像或x射线检查损伤程度并确定适当的治疗方法.”
  • The Many Causes of Pain “许多人都非常活跃,他们的疼痛或受伤是由某种形式的锻炼或运动引起的,” Dr. 品牌说. “But even if they get injured in another way, 这些人非常积极地保持活跃,可能不会花时间去理解正确的方法来处理他们的受伤,并让它正常愈合.她说,日常生活活动也是疼痛的一个主要来源. “抱起孩子或在地板上和他们玩耍会导致肌肉拉伤, as can shoveling snow, lifting things around the house, and even bending over to do laundry. 人们在日常生活中经常会进行不恰当的活动,需要更多地意识到拉伸的重要性.”
  • The Types of Pain Can Vary “The types of pain I see include muscle strains, 当肌肉被拉扯或拉伸到超出它正常想去的地方时,会发生什么, causing inflammation and temporary pain,” Dr. 品牌说. “Another type is pain from arthritis, 随着年龄的增长,导致关节间隙缩小或关节周围骨质变化的一种退行性疾病. While this can begin developing in one’s 40s, 疼痛的关节炎发作在60多岁及以上的人群中更为常见.” Tendonitis is another common type of pain that Dr. 品牌对待. “Tendonitis involves an inflammation of the tendons, which attach muscles to bones, 通常是由重复运动或过度使用造成的,”她说。. 许多人熟悉的肌腱炎的例子包括高尔夫球或网球肘, 但其他重复性活动,如在电脑前打字或在工作中搬运重物,也可能是罪魁祸首.”
  • Treatments Abound At Bergen Medical Associates, Brand has had great success with a range of effective, minimally-invasive treatments, 包括:
  • 大米 “This acronym stands for ‘rest, 冰, 压缩, 和海拔,’ all of which can be done at home,” Dr. 品牌说. “Rest allows the muscle, tendon or joint to recover, avoids re-triggering the pain, and promotes healing, 而冰可以帮助减轻急性损伤引起的疼痛和炎症. 压缩 以Ace绷带或袖子的形式覆盖身体的各个部位 有助于减少肿胀,有时只是让该区域感觉更好,或提醒不要过度使用. 抬高有助于减少肿胀,因为它限制了伤口方向的液体流动,让伤口流出.”
  • Anti-Inflammatory Medication 非甾体抗炎药(NSAIDs)在柜台销售,如Advil, Aleve和其他药物有助于缓解疼痛和炎症,如果按照包装上的指示或医生的指示服用,可能会有效,” Dr. 品牌说.
  • Physical Therapy “The ultimate goal of PT is to help you get over your pain. 第二个目标是解决任何使你处于危险中的弱点或不平衡,并帮助防止伤病再次发生,”医生说。. Brand,将物理治疗列为疼痛管理的重要组成部分. “Through physical therapy, 病人将学习旨在增强力量的锻炼, flexibility and balance. PT can position patients for long-term success, 我们在该地区有一个值得信赖的供应商网络,我们把病人推荐给他们.”
  • 牙套 “牙套有助于保护受伤部位,使他们能够休息,这样当个人继续从事某些活动时,他们就不会那么疼了,” Dr. 品牌说. “牙套 for the knees, 肘部, 手腕, hands and even the ankles are common, 建议患者佩戴的时间长短将根据活动和受伤情况而有所不同.”
  • 注射 “The goal of injections in a joint, around a tendon, 在肌肉或脊柱中,通常是为了帮助类固醇药物直达目标, localized area to help decrease inflammation and reduce pain,” Dr. 品牌说. 她指出,这些注射的剂量和频率受到严格控制.

While any of the above treatments can be prescribed alone, 其中一种或多种可以很好地协同工作,帮助减轻疼痛, promote healing and enhance long-term success,她补充道。.

  • Bergen Medical Associates Can Help “Everyone has a different tolerance for aches and pains. But if your pain is severe, you’re struggling to engage in activities of daily living, 甚至你所做的改变也不能帮助你回到你喜欢的活动中去, it’s time to see a doctor,” Dr. 品牌说. “有很多有效的治疗方法,在与他们一起确定最佳选择时,我非常了解每个病人的目标和舒适度.”

“Pain can be mentally and physically draining, 造成的挫折可能会影响一个人的整个生活和前景. My goal is to restore my patients’ functionality, 使他们能够再次从事自己喜欢和享受的活动,” Dr. Brand concluded. “That’s my definition of success.”

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